Maybe one day
I’ll live in a safe middle class suburb
And I’ll have a husband
And a kid and a dog and a steady job
And maybe one day I’ll drive a Volvo to my kids football practice and to the grocery store twice a week.
Maybe on day I’ll live a life where I joke exactly what tomorrow will look like and if that ever happens I will be so content

I will be content because before all that; before the husband and the kid and the Volvo I lived a hundred other lives.
I traveled
I studied
I partied
I cried and I laughed and I changed and I grew and I experienced what the world had to offer me
And then I’ll know that I never gave up any opportunities

But if I get on a one way track to that life, today, at seventeen. It will be the worst thing I’ll ever do.
I will resent the husband and goddamn Volvo because why the hell didn’t I get lost I Mexico when I was 19 instead of going to school for a safe career and marry my university boyfriend.

Maybe one day I’ll live the life my father wants me to have
But I will never let anyone make that choice for me but me.

"No, fuck you. I was worth it."

and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via changxs)

(via acidicmoons)

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